Guide Your Teammates To Victory With The Mysterious New Beauty, Zhuxin, In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Guide Your Teammates To Victory With The Mysterious New Beauty, Zhuxin, In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
Key visual of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new character Zhuxin. (Image courtesy of Moonton Games)

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MANILA – The peerless and mysterious beauty of the East has finally arrived in the Land of Dawn! Live now in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Zhuxin offers players command over ember butterflies to strike fear into their enemies. Is the Beacon of Spirits real or merely a phantom of their imagination? And what does this enigmatic beauty stand for?

Enchant the opposing team with Zhuxin's abilitiesPlayers can enchant their opponent with Zhuxin's lantern and butterflies that transform into formidable weapons to control their foe. With her multiple crowd-control options and sustained area-of-effect damage, expect Zhuxin to be a superb initiator of team fights, especially in the mid-to-late game. 

Take a look at her full abilities below: 

Ability Name Descriptions
Passive - Crimson Butterflies Every time Zhuxin casts Skill 2 - Lantern Flare, the Mana spent will be converted into Crimson Butterflies that will fly around her Spirit Lantern. Once she stops casting Skill 2, the Crimson Butterflies will gradually dissipate, each one restoring a portion of her Mana.

Zhuxin has a naturally high base Max Mana, but the limit will not scale with her level.
Skill 1 - Fluttering Grace Zhuxin deals Magic Damage to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and applies stacks of Soul Snare on them. Targets hit will also be slowed while Zhuxin gains Movement Speed for a period of time.
Skill 2 - Lantern Flare Hold and drag the skill button to consume Mana and independently move Zhuxin's Spirit Lantern from her, dealing continuous Magic Damage to all enemies in its range while applying stacks of Soul Snare to enemy heroes. Once an enemy has enough stacks, they will be captured and pulled airborne.

After capturing an enemy, release the skill button to throw all captured enemies to the target location, dealing Magic Damage to all targets in the area.
Ultimate - Crimson Beacon Zhuxin blinks to the target location and enters a flying state. For the duration of her Ultimate, she deals continuous Magic Damage to enemies around her while applying stacks of Soul Snare.

Catch her hero highlights here:

Illuminate the enigmatic Beacon of SpiritsZhuxin is an enigmatic young woman from the city of Zhu'an, nestled in the mountains of the Cadia Riverlands. Using her Lantern of Spirits, she guides the ember butterflies and walks between life and death. She is able to hear the desires of mortal hearts, and those who can pass her trials will have their wishes granted. For nearly a thousand years, she has wandered in search of the purest wishes to fulfill, hoping to one day find her own.

Unravel the mystery behind Zhuxin today, along with the essence of her true nature! Check out the Zhuxin Cinematic Trailer - "A Fluttering Wish": 

Get a glimpse at the creative development process behind Zhuxin:

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Check out the game upgrades and the new hero through events near you!The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Students League Collegiate Cup (MCC) called, “Pamantasang Lakas” commences its Grand Finals day from 6-7 July 2024 at Ayala Malls Solenad, Nuvali, Brgy. Sto. Domingo, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. Renowned MPL Philippines caster Rockhart will grace the event as its host, alongside MDL Philippines talents Burrito and Butters as the casters. 

MLBB PH will also launch the MCC Video Series featuring the finalists of the MCC tournament who visited the boot camp of popular MPL-PH teams. Hosted by Manjean Faldas, the first episode comes out today, 1 July 2024, wherein the student-athletes from Don Honorio Ventura State University's MKHR FRYD Esports will have the opportunity to meet the members of Smart Omega, learn more about the team's training process, and bond with them over Filipino gamer snacks. 

Moreover, MLBB Philippines has released its first-ever drama series titled, "Project NEXT: Reset." The video series highlights the life of a professional MLBB player who gets the opportunity to return to his past life as a student. In this journey, he learns valuable lessons, reconnects with his best friends, and faces the school bully once more. The drama series features artist Prince Adrian Dagdag, professional MLBB player John “H2wo” Salonga, and popular TikTok creator Bruce Riveral also known as PapiBrutt, among others. 

Watch the series through the official links below:

Lastly, MLBB launches the second season of “MLBB KOL Brawl” featuring popular MLBB influencers such as Fuego Gaming, Elgin, Okata, Kristine Santamena, and Jiji Plays, among others, who will vie to get the biggest share of the prize pool worth PHP 225,000. The Group Stage starts from 1-16 July 2024, and the Grand Finals will be held at Market-Market, Taguig on 20 July 2024. 

Fans can also stream “Palarong Pang-Mythic” every Friday until 19 July 2024, at 8 pm (GMT+8) to see their favorite influencers bond through traditional games. The event, which aims to bring famous live-streamers together and promote a sense of unity, will also share insights into the influencers’ careers and discuss the importance of creativity in the world of MLBB content creation, encouraging the next generation of gamers to pursue their passion.

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