Honor Of Kings Global Ranks Number 1 In Multiple Countries; Number 1 In The Philippines

Honor Of Kings Global Ranks Number 1 In Multiple Countries; Number 1 In The Philippines
(Image courtesy of Level Infinite and TiMi Studio)

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Since its release on June 20, Honor of Kings dominated the free app charts in Southeast Asia, United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Latin America, a groundbreaking feat for the game globally. Positive reception abound in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, United States, Canada, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, and Singapore.

#1 in App Store and Google Play Store 

A MOBA-first country, the game ranked #1 for a week in iOS in the Philippines alongside its Southeast Asian neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia, while also topping Google Play.


Since its release in Brazil in March 2023, Honor of Kings has followed up its success in over 50 countries, marking a strong start to its global expansion.

Players can have a free trial run of the 85 initial heroes and the new hero Sun Ce within the first month, which can be obtained by participating in active events, allowing players to find heroes that best fit their style. Players participating in specific game activities will also have the chance to unlock up to 28 heroes and 21 hero skins for free. 

Honor of Kings is committed to bringing the fun of MOBA to the world by continuously investing in localized operations, esports event organizations, content creation, and community building, aiming to help more overseas users understand the history and rich lore of Honor of Kings.

Inaugural SEA Regional Showmatch

Skilled MOBA players clashed in the first-ever Honor of Kings SEA All-Star Regional Showmatch, "Protect The Queen," featuring top players from the Philippines. The stream delivered unparalleled excitement and fierce competition as Team Damara comprised of Dlar Gaming, Amara TV, Sumpak, Cherizawa, Aningning and Team Buunzie composed of Buunja, Razzie, Binx, KC Bae, Rebengga, and Elie Gaming vied for supremacy.

Fans across Southeast Asia have erupted with excitement, taking to the comments their cheers for their country representatives.

The global release of Honor of Kings marked a new milestone for the MOBA genre, with millions of players from diverse regions joining. The seamless integration of stunning gameplay, high-quality skins, and engaged community has solidified Honor of Kings' presence. More exciting things can be expected as the game continues to evolve and expand.

About Honor of Kings

Developed by TiMi Studio Group, Honor of Kings has become the world’s most popular mobile MOBA with over 200 million registered users and more than 100 million daily players enjoying the thrill of team battles. Featuring highly detailed and diverse character and battlefield design plus music created by world renowned composers including Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi, and Howard Shore, Honor of Kings immerses players in a unique and colorful universe. Honor of Kings prides itself on being free to play and fair to win, with success determined by players' skills and tactics, not by how much they spend. Honor of Kings is also home to a thriving esports ecosystem supporting competitive play from grassroots amateurs to elite professionals. For more information visit the official site.

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